Cho-Yi is the chachaoong who bears the Chorang-Yi Tal. He has black hair and dark eyes, and is noted for being even taller than Chuh-Yong. Like Mu-Young and Yu-Jin, he knows very little about chachaoongs, and is more acquainted with human society. Eun-Yul met him by chance and stayed at his place sometime in the past. He works in a restaurant, and is described as a nice guy who is scary when angry.[1]

When he meets Yu-Jin's crew, he is amicable and friendly. The old man he works for is aware of what he is, which is unusual since Chuh-Yong usually erases human memories of chachaoongs.  However, the old man's strange obsession with cooking led Chuh-Yong to believe he would not be a threat.








Beakjung once met Cho-Yi by chance, and lived at his place for a while.

Part 1 Season 2Edit

Cho-Yi is first mentioned by Baekjung when Mu-Young asks about the four remaining Tals. Baekjung tells the group that he works in a restaurant but he is unable to remember where it is.

Not long after, Cho-Yi intervenes in an altercation between Maru and Luka, and once the dust settles, he sends both off with flyers advertising his restaurant. Everyone at the house except for Baekjung decides to eat there and meet the next Tal. Sae Ha remarks that Cho-Yi is very tall, and Mu-Young adds that he may be taller than even Chuh-Yong. When the old chef asks if these people are like him, Cho-Yi responds that it seems like they are, but he has trouble recognizing them. The group is surprised that the old man knows about chachaoongs, and Cho-Yi explains that Chuh-Yong once came by because of it, but ended up leaving without doing anything to the old man's memories. The group also learns that Baekjung and Yi-Mae are the only other Tals he has met. When he mentions their previous meeting to Yi-Mae, the latter does not respond, and Cho-Yi says that it did not really matter anyway. After apologizing to Yu Jin for not immediately recognizing him as the next king, he mentions noticing groups of chachaoongs moving around and talking about changing the king,


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