Eun Yul wears the Baek-Jung Tal. He is the second Tal introduced into the series.[1] His real name is is not known to very many, Yi-Mae (and now Yu-Jin). He is known for his nasty temper and aggressive personality, and will not hesitate to kill whomever he is attacking—though he usually will prolong the agony. This has resulted in him earning the nickname Hellion. After once fighting with Yi-Mae, and being beaten to the brink of death, the two became good "friends". His choice weapon is a sword. Cho-Yi (the Chorang-Yi Tal) calls him Yul,



The Baek-Jung Mask

Eun Yul wears a full face mask of the butcher which also covers his hair with two long pieces of gold-trimmed black fabric. Unlike Yi-Mae, he does not mind showing his face and only wears his mask when on "official" business. Beneath the mask, Eun Yul has white hair and blue-green eyes with long lashes. When dressed in street clothes, he favors black shirts and white pants, and is never seen in other colors. Interestingly, his appearance is very similar to that of Leon.

When acting as Tal, he sports a black military-like uniform with gold epaulets, a red sash around his waist, and white gloves. He usually wears his mask over his face, but will sometimes shift it to the top of his head. 

young Eun Yul

When he was younger, Eun Yul wore his hair much longer.  He dressed in a white hanbok, and always wore his mask angled on the top of his head.  At that time, the flowing black and gold tails that currently adorn his mask were not present.


For the most part, Eun Yul is fairly laid back and apathetic. However, he is famous for his hot-headedness and temper during battles. He can be extremely brutal when attacking, especially when he does not see someone as a serious opponent.  He has a deep respect for (and fear of) Yi-Mae, though probably because the Tal once beat him nearly to death.  Nevertheless, he tends to follow Yi-Mae around and will generally do whatever the other tells him to do. He has a soft spot for girls (who are not chachaoongs), and treats them very nicely. Lazy and a glutton, he is always hungry and can easily be bribed with food. Though he nearly always wears a serious expression, he has a playful, mischievous side and enjoys pranking people by drawing on their faces while they sleep.

Yu-Jin (making another comment that hints that he knew Eun Yul in the past) tells him that he has a long-time habit of avoiding people who make him feel uncomfortable.[2]


Eun Yul is an expert with any kind of blade from a sword to a kitchen knife, as one would expect of the Baek-Jung Tal. Not only is his fighting prowess well known, he has also revealed being able to "see" exactly where to cut a victim in order to properly butcher him or her. He cannot turn off this "sight" but simply sees it because it is there. This sight also extends to animals, and Yu-Jin was astonished at his skill in carving a chicken for dinner preparation.

Like all chachaoongs, his strength,endurance and speed are far beyond normal Humans, which makes his skill with blades even deadlier.

He does not seem to possess a yongma.


Yu-Jin - After having  tried to kill Yu-Jin at their first  meeting, the two have forced an unlikely friendship.  He behaves  much like an older brother to Yu-Jin, often taking any opportunity to lightly bully or tease him.

Yi-Mae - Only parts of their history is known but at some time in the past, Yi-Mae nearly beat Eun Yul to death.  This incident was what caused Eun Yul, then known as the "hellion" to straighten up his behavior.  Though he very much admires Yi-Mae, Eun Yul is also terrified of ever getting on the  other man's bad side  again.

Mu Young - Eun Yul and Mu Young frequently butt heads and argue with one another over  just about everything.  Mu Young often complains about Eun Yul's gluttonous behavior and they generally do not get along well.

Gamun Be - Gamun Be mentored and took care of Eun Yul to some degree as a child, and continued to intervene in his doings, and offer advice  up to the point that Eun Yul injured his face.  Though Eun Yul was always visibly angry at Gamun Be, he was extremely upset after witnessing the latter's suicide.  He denied to Chuh-Yong that they were 'friends.'


  • His friends often refer to him as a glutton and use food to bribe him into doing what they want.
  • His taste palate is perfect (as tested by Yu-Jin) and yet he seems capable of eating anything, no matter how disgusting.


Eun Yul is well known for his quick temper and reckless behavior. It was because of this that Yi-Mae decided to "rehabilitate" him by beating him nearly to death, a memory Eun Yul often recalls with a sort of horrified delight. Sae-Ha was the one who treated him and brought him back from the brink of death that that time. However, since then, Eun Yul and Yi-Mae have been cordial. Eun Yul also seems to know many other of the more important Chachaoongs, as well as many of the lesser—this may be, in part, due to his work as a Tal. Although he appears to be in his late teens or early twenties, he is almost certainly far older.

As a child, he was often mentored by Gamun Be, though he did not appreciate the elder Chachaoong's attempts to offer guidance to him. He gave Gamun Be a vertical wound on the right side of his face, when Gamun Be stepped into an attack meant for another man. Eun Yul was angered by Gamun Be's insistence on protecting others, and this seems to have dampened their relationship.


When he first appeared in the webtoon, he was being manipulated by a group of Bigak's subordinates to attack Yu-Jin while they kept Yi-Mae distracted. Though Yu-Jin did fight back, he was initially no match for Eun Yul until he briefly awakened. Eun Yul was shocked when Yu-Jin knew his real name, but did not recognize the boy even in his awakened state. It is still unclear exactly what their past connection is.

After Yi-Mae interrupted their fight, Eun Yul realized he was being manipulated and chose to stay at the house of the "Newbie King" along with Yi-Mae. Though he is blunt and often rude, he seems to have possibly come to consider Yu-Jin and (maybe) even Mu-Young as comrades and stays at their side willingly protecting them when needed.

He was both disturbed and depressed after witnessing Gamun Be's suicide to the point that the change in his demeanor concerned his house mates.


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