Ha Na Rin (alternately Ha Nae Rin) is the owner of the Hal Mi Tal (the widow/old woman). She is an adult Chachaoong and it is said that she is almost as old as Jack. As such, she has probably been around far longer than almost everyone else. Though the exact reason isn't stated, she has the somewhat questionable tendancy to stalk young girls and is currently following Ah Ra around. As such, she is freeloading at Yu-Jin's house along with most of the other Tals since Ah Ra has taken up residence there.


It has been stated that Ha Na Rin changes her appearance (possibly to look younger) so it's unknown what her real appearance is. However, when using her ability, she looks like an attractive women, possibly in her 30s. Like many of the older Chachaoongs, Ha Na Rin prefers more traditional style clothing and is usually seen a sort of sleeveless hanbok, with a shawl or wrap. Her dark hair is kept back with an ornate hairpiece and she has blue eyes.

She's very beautiful and seems fairly young but is referred to as a "granny" or "hag" by many of the other Tals. She is slightly taller than Yu Jin and was initially disturbed that a boy shorter than her was the new king, much less Ah Ra's chosen object of affection.


Ha Na Rin is mostly apathetic in regards to anything except what relates to Ah Ra, where she becomes protective and often jealous. She even goes out of her way to do things she'd rather not do, just for Ah Ra's sake. She seems to have very little drive to do anything except stalk and obsess over Ah Ra.

It's unclear if her obsession with the girl is romantic or otherwise but most of the other Tals living with Yu Jin seem to find it on the creepy side though Ah Ra seems fairly oblivious to the whole thing.

Somewhat lazy, Ha Na Rin is also quick to complain when she does have to use her abilities or work and generally exhibits a somewhat crotchety personality befitting of someone of her age.


Aside from the fact that she is one of the oldest Chachaoongs aside from Jack himself, little is known about her past prior to coming to stay with Yu Jin. It is revealed that she has a habit of stalking young girls and is sensitive about her age, going so far as to change her appearance, presumably, to look younger.

She first appeared in the story after following Ah Ra to Yu Jin's house. In general, she doesn't seem to be well liked by the others, but this could be due to her complaining, apathetic attitude more than past negative experiences. She seems to mostly be waiting for Ah Ra to lose interest in Jin but this doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.


Ah Ra - Ah Ra is the only person with whom Ha Na Rin seems to have a significant relationship. It's unclear exactly what her motives for following Ah Ra are but it's implied by the others that it's for less than savory reasons. Though Ah Ra seems to view Ha Na Rin as more of a mother-type figure (if that), Ha Na Rin displays extreme devotion and affection for the girl, getting quite jealous when others speak to or touch her.


Ha Na Rin has the ability to read fortunes and see hidden details about a person's past and future. She appears to use uncooked rice as a means to read these fortunes (much like reading tea leaves or palm reading), however this ability will not work on everyone as she was unable to read Yu Jin's fortune at all. She also cannot see all the details of even a person whose fortune she would normally be able to read, as she was unable to see where Ei Mae had vanished to for two years, much to his relief.


Ha Na Rin's Yongma, which does not possess a physical body

Ha Na Rin also has something referred to as "the chasing ability." She can use this ability for real time tracking of other people (something like a GPS as Yu-Jin and Maru noted). This ability puts a great deal of strain on her and can leave ill for days, but allows her to track even moving targets. For this ability, Ha Na Rin summons her Yongma, which is a gold, glowing being that has a spiritual body and no conscious mind. Rather, she uses it like a tool for the purposes of finding someone's location.

It was also noted that she can sense Ah Ra's presence within a 5km radius 'without fail' though it's unknown if this is specific to Ah Ra or if it applies to anyone she's focused on but it doesn't seem to involve the same physical strain as her chasing ability and is most likely unrelated.

Presumably she has combat based abilities too as Ei Mae was relieved he did not have to fight her, but these are yet to be demonstrated if they exist.

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