Ignatio is Mu-Young twin brother. He grew up with Mu-Young on a mountain, yet was separated from him by Chau Yoong. Unlike Mu-Young (or "Lang"), he remembers their past and what Chau-Yoong is waiting for them to do - one of them must die. Ignatio was originally affiliated with Bi Gak, however after his attempted battle with Mu-Young, he was brought home by Yu-Jin.


Ignatio looks nearly identical to Mu-Young aside from his coloring. Standing, at around the same height, he is one of the taller characters. Rather than black, his hair is silver, but is worn in a similar in style to Mu Young's apart from several long segements that hang lower than the rest. Rather than red, his eyes are pale green but have the same circular iris pattern as Mu-Young. Like Mu-Young, he seems to favor flashy clothing, though in lighter colors.

He is frequently seen laughing or smiling. It has been commented that anytime he is serious, he is being so by force.


Like his appearance, Ignatio's personality is starkly contrasted against Mu-Young's to the point of being complete opposites. He is frequently seen joking around and goofing off and, even during tense situations, keeps a more lighthearted attitude. He frequently smiles and doesn't seem to ever get angry, being a rather congenial and easy going person.

He cares very, very deeply for his close companions, not liking it when Leon (for instance) talks about his death. Likewise, his friends are equally devoted to him. He also cares deeply for Mu-Young and, despite their current situation, has no ill-will toward him at all.

He's also a bit dense when it comes to matters of romance as he seems unaware of Lady Yi-Rang's feelings toward him.


Ignatio was born in an isolated location, along with Mu-Young.  Chau Yoong found them both as young children and, unsure if they were twins or merely appeared so, raised them for quite some time.  As children, Ignatio was the more assertive of the two (usually).  After he and Mu-Young were separated, it's unclear exactly what happened with Ignatio.  Unlike his brother, he clearly remembers their past and seems to have been raised  among Chachaoong--because of this, Chau Yoong felt it would be more appropriate to let him live rather than Mu-Young.  Unfortunately, his passive personality and dislike for fighting is not something encouraged in their society, which clouds the issue of who should be allowed to live.

It's unclear precisely how he came to be associated with Bi-Gak but it's implied the only reason he worked with/for him was for his own protection and that, if he were to strike out on his own, Chau Yoong would have likely killed him. Originally Chau Yoong needed to have one of them die since twins were an aberration that could not be allowed to persist into the second generation.  However, after forcing the two of them to meet and fight, Ignatio refused to kill Mu-Young.  But before Chau Yoong could step in and kill Ignatio, Yu-Jin and Ei-Mae arrived on the scene to save him. 

Before much of a fight could ensue, Jack also appeared and ordered Chau Yoong away.  He later decided to allow the twins to survive because he had no right to make decisions regarding the second generation--and because his subordinate had raised them.

Now that their death sentence is effectively lifted, Ignatio currently appears to be staying with Yu-Jin's group so he can be near his brother.


Mu-Young - Arguably his most important relationship, Ignatio and Mu-Young are something like twins. In the past, before they were separated, they were very close and though it has been some time since they have seen each other, Ignatio still seems to care deeply for Mu-Young and miss the times they could be together.  Their relationship may go even deeper as Ignatio became physically ill while Mu-Young was battling Leon's posion.

Mu-Young (left) and Ignatio (right) when they were children

Ella - It's not known how these two know each other but Ella behaves something like a big sister (albeit, a slightly flirty one) to Ignatio. She frequently clings to him and was willing to kill Mu-Young for his sake.

Leon - One of Ignatio's close circle of friends.. They entertain each other by playing board games and are  genuinely concerned for each other's well being. Ignatio hates to hear Leon talking about his death, getting annoyed if Leon brings it up, while Leon risked his own health and life to attack Mu-Young with the hopes of killing him so Ignatio could live.

Chau Yoong -  Chau Yoong raised Ignatio and Mu-Young and is something of a father figure to them.  For a long time, he and Ignatio had a bad relationship but it appears that might be on the mend since Chau Yoong no longer has a responsibility to ensure the death of one of the twins.


Ignatio abilities are identical to Mu-Young's. He has extreme visual acuity, though it doesn't seem to bother Ignatio to the same degree that it bothers Mu-Young. Unlike Mu-Young, his weapon preference strongly resembles a giant axe.

He possesses a Yongma that looks nearly identical to Mu-Young's Shadow, and is called Shade. The two seem to possess identical abilities as well--primarily fighting and the ability to transport or teleport people and themselves via shadows. Like their masters, Shade and Shadow have very different personalities, despite their similar appearances. While Shadow seems very calm and almost shy at times, Shade appears to be much more aggressive, often smiling or smirking. He also attacked Mu-Young without Ignatio's order or consent and the two Yongma seem to not get along.

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