Ju-Ze is a lion-like, shape shifting Tal. Though he does wear a mask, because he is an animal-like Tal, he is not considered one of the nine Tals but rather, has the role of supporting the others. Originally there was a female counterpart but Ei-Mae revealed that the female is now gone. It's, as of yet, unclear exactly what happened to her.

Ju-Ze can be summoned via a sort of magic circle drawn on the ground but it's implied he has the ability to choose whether to answer a summons, rather than being forced to come whenever he is called. Aside from sheer size, strength and speed, it's unclear what the full extent of Ju-Ze's abilities may be. He can, however, shift into a smaller form to conserve energy when injured and, according to Ei-Mae, half his body is composed of 'spiritual matter.'

He seems to also have more than the normal intelligence for an animal and has a special fondness for Ei-Mae. It's unknown whether or not he's considered a Chachaoong or something else entirely. He was originally summoned by Ei-Mae to rescue Yu-Jin from Bi Gak's confrontation. He was injured during the encounter and was last seen residing with Yu-Jin and the other Tals at Yu-Jin's house.

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