Luka is a Chachaoong that appeared briefly in a meeting regarding Yu-Jin. When Maru was  discovered eavesdropping, Luka briefly engaged him in a battle that partially destroyed the house in which they were meeting.  Using powerful kicks as the foundations for his attacks, Luka was unable to defeat Maru, who quickly fled the scene.  He then declared that he wasn't interested in being a part of the plans being discussed, and left the scene himself.

He reappears in chapter 97 when his necklace is stolen by a red headed girl. While being pursued, she latches on to Maru causing Luka to chase them both. It is revealed that he has a rather short temper due to the fact he refuses to explain the situation to the rather baffled Maru claiming that the entire thing is pissing him off. Maru manages to lead him away from the public and confront him. Their fight is interrupted by Chorang-Yi who manages to return the necklace to Luka who then promptly leaves (after receiving a flyer for Chorang-Yi's restaurant).

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