Li Nae Mee (alternately Kim Miri-Nae?) is one of Yu-Jin's extremely loud and expressive human friend. THey are classmates and both live in the same neighborhood. She is fascinated by the whole aspect of superhuman abilities and tries to share her love of it with Yu-Jin (who finds the whole idea to be ridiculous). She is very curious about the people who are starting to live at Yu-Jin's house as she often stops by for one reason or another (such as to go shopping).


  • The "paranormal" events she reads from the magazine most likely are human recordings of Chachaoong sightings
  • Two of her scenes involve a background reference to Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castleand another popular Manhwa Dr. Frost.
  • The author stated that she and Jin don't even view each other as being of the opposite sex; despite that they're good friends, there is apparently no romantic attraction at all.

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