Sae Ha is the owner of the Sun-bi Tal (the scholar). He is one of very few doctors among the chachaoongs and, as human doctors are usually unable to properly treat and diagnose chachaoongs, his skills are very useful. Although he usually resides in the Kyung-Sang region and refuses to leave due to getting extreme motion sickness when traveling long distances, he is currently living with Yu Jin like most of the other Tals.


Sae Ha looks to be around the same height as Yu Jin and has long blonde hair he keeps in a low pony tail which is threaded through a yellow patch on the back of his robe. He usually wears his mask on top of his head and slightly askew, and wears a pair of pince nez. He has vibrant green eyes and also can usually be seen smoking a kiseru.

He wears traditional looking clothing that is entirely white with black trim apart from the yellow patch on the back, through which he keeps his ponytail.


Sae Ha is somewhat blunt, cranky person. He is very forthright when it comes to telling people the exact truth about their condition and seems easily irritated by others. He's very lax in the way he speaks to others, usually using casual slang, but immediately begins using proper speech when Ah Ra is around.

Though he initially comes across as extremely unprofessional, Sae Ha is quite knowledgeable about medical matters and is a very reliable doctor, though he's not above forcing treatment on unwilling patients. He was able to instantly identify the problem with Yu-Jin's eyes as being related to Yu-Jin changing his outward appearance but didn't press the matter when Yu-Jin denied this was the case. He's rather irritable, frequently raising his voice and shouting at people but when it comes to treating patients, he takes his job very seriously--even if his bedside manner leaves something to be desired.


Though he is, no doubt, a skilled doctor when it comes to treating Chachaoong and is knowledgeable about treatments such as acupuncture, it's unknown what his special abilities as a Tal and Chachaoong may be as he has not yet demonstrated these.


Bellflower - This is Sae Ha's devoted companion (pet) cow. Sae Ha cares enough about him that he was able to be black mailed into going to Yu-Jin's house when Mu-Young's Shadow took the cow hostage. For his part, Bellflower seems to be just about the most laid back cow ever.

Ah Ra - It's unclear what his relationship with Ah Ra is. Sae Ha immediately switches to proper, formal speech when around Ah Ra and seems to be willing to do anything she asks. He also seemed very irritated when she referred to Yu-Jin as her husband so it's possible he harbors some sort of romantic feelings for her. He also lied about Jin's condition to give himself a reason to stay at the house rather than return home.


Very little is known or has been revealed about Sae Ha at this point. Aside from the fact that he rarely leaves his home region and has been practicing medicine among Chachaoongs for decades, his past is a mystery.


(Major spoilers beyond this point)

He first appeared in the story when Mu-Young and Eun Yul went searching for him to resolve the issue with Yu-Jin's eyes. Though he was initially reluctant to leave his home town, he aquiesced when Mu-Young took Bellflower hostage. After arriving, he was able to quickly diagnose Yu-Jin and chose to stay at his house when he realized Ah Ra was there, claiming rather ominously that he would ensure Yu Jin was the healthiest man in the nation.

It was something of a stroke of luck he decided to stay as, when Mu Young was seriously injured by Leon, Sae Ha was immediately available to treat him. He may have been Mano's teacher at some point in the past.


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